• Be the most preferred inbound and outbound fund transfer service provider with real-time delivery at a fair price
  • Facilitate residents in rural areas who are unable to access banking services to have digital accounts used to receive funds from overseas
  • Help migrant workers manage their financial needs
  • Help the development of rural areas by acquiring cash withdrawal facilities in many different locations and accommodate micro enterprises to accept payment from digital accounts

About Us

Harsya was established in 2012, out of our dedication to help Indonesian migrant workers solve one of the largest problems that they face everyday – money transfer problems.

Back then sending money home was a complete inconvenience; costed a fortune, very low exchange rates, took days to arrive, and required us to have a bank account.Partnering with multiple banks across the world, we opened our first branch in Indramayu, West Java. We began providing assistance for Indonesian migrant workers and their families in sending money from abroad through us.

Now Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan have joined our vast remittance network, with many other countries forthcoming. More than 10,000 migrant workers all over the world have sent their money to Indonesia through us. We are best known for our accessible, fast, most affordable service.


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10 Years


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